Anne Conroy-Baiter



Artist Bio

I seem to be slowly but surely creating a visual journal of my life. I started painting as a means of working out my grief for my mother who I lost to breast cancer in 2001. She was a wonderful watercolor artist who kept me at her side as she painted her life, and now I frequently turn to my sketchbooks to work out a sketch or an emotion. I primarily work in watercolors but in 2011 launched a series of little gouache paintings, inspired by the works of Thomas Paquette. Gouches are opaque watercolors, giving me the freedom to layer up colors with glowing effects. Living in Cocoa Beach has inspired two new lines of work. The first is a series of tiny watercolors–no larger than 2"–that quickly capture the shifting light and moods of Florida water and skies. The second is a series of gouache painting documenting Space Coast motels of old. Working from photographs, the atomic age motels signs are the totems of old Florida, and in documenting them I pay homage to artist Emily Carr, who chronicled the indigenous art and totem poles of the Pacific NW.

Artist Statement

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