Jan Hitchcock


Artist Bio

I began my working career as an entry level graphic artist in Seattle. Shortly thereafter I found myself at the Space Center working as an entry level technical illustrator. Then, I graduated from first BCC in technical illustration and then later from UCF in graphic design and later still in technical writing. I worked about 15 years at KSC, ending as a senior technical illustrator, and I loved this work.
I also did freelance graphics work, as well as painting (which I exhibited in art shows and galleries for several years).
After switching over to technical writing, I worked for another 14 years for Westinghouse and Siemens Power Generation in Orlando. I produced generator instruction books and later gas turbine instruction books. Much of this work was editing and compiling, but I also wrote some individual component instruction bulletins based on interviews with engineers. Part of this time, I wrote patent disclosures for engineer inventors, which was highly interesting.
After retiring, I spent a couple of years just reading everything I could think of and enjoying it very much. Only two years ago, I lost my sweetheart of 32 years and was seriously challenged to find a new direction for my life. Not only did I lose direction, I wondered what my identity was to be. This has been an extremely difficult period, as it is for anyone who loses a long-term partner or spouse.
Now, I’m beginning to feel more balanced. Many new friends have entered my life and helped me to redefine a social identity. I’ve taken advantage of bereavement support groups. I’ve reached out to new activities and rediscovered reading and painting.
I would say that I’m pretty happy with my present life.

Artist Statement

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