Introduction to Encaustics

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An introduction to the medium of encaustics, a beeswax/damar crystal medium which has endless possibilities. Discover the infinite applications of this ancient art form for painting with pigmented wax. This 2 day class offers a comprehensive approach for working both traditionally and experimentally with encaustic. This class is an excellent opportunity to discover new techniques and applications with wax. Artists working in most any medium (drawing, painting, mixed media, fiber, clay, sculpture, etc) benefit from the exploratory, hands-on nature of this workshop. Beginning participants as well as those who have experience working in the medium, gain skills and techniques from the personalized instruction. Topics will include: • Paint application, manipulation and fusing methods. • Layering, scraffito, scraping, texturing, stencils, pouring, dipping, collage, incorporating mixed media. • Work on various substrates (paper, board, fabric, etc). • Encaustic formulas, color mixing, supports and grounds, studio safety and the use of various tools. Instructor provides all encaustic paint and mediums. Students bring 4 10" x 10" birch panels, which can be picked up at any Home Depot or Lowes. They can be purchased in a 4' x 4' panel and cut down. They will also need a heat gun, which can also be purchased at Lowes or Home Depot for around $20

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