Wellness Art Painting Classes: Meditative; Relaxation; Self-Healing (All Skill Levels)

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- Meditative Painting Class. Looking for a creative way to relax? Have trouble sitting still to meditate? Meditative painting might be just the thing you’re looking for. No painting skill or experience necessary - only a desire to relax and become more creative. - Relaxation Art Class. Immerse yourself in a creative state of mind to facilitate a relaxed and calm wellbeing. We will enjoy painting to music. Letting your creativity flow in response to music is a great way to let out feelings and just relax. We will make scribble drawings. With this activity, you’ll turn a simple scribble into something beautiful using line, color and your creativity. Also, finger painting - adults can enjoy it as well! Get your hands messy and really have fun spreading the paint around. Another relaxing art activity will include making a mandala. We will draw one on our own, this meditative symbol can easily help us to loosen up. - Self-healing Drawing Class. In this representational drawing class we will explore healing drawing techniques and activities. Some activities could include; Drawing your emotions which you’ll focus entirely on drawing what you’re feeling. We will make an art journal that lets you visually express your emotions. Drawing yourself as a warrior, creating a body image sketch and creating a transformational portrait series will also be some activities you’ll find in this class. Come have a fun and relaxing morning exploring the world of art in these unique classes. Contact Dove to sign up and for more info: dovedesignsart@yahoo.com / 321-693-3479

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