Elaine Rowgo

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Artist Bio

I hold a BFA from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, major: painting. Post college I taught junior and senior high art and pottery classes at Charles E. Ellis School in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, for two years.
From 1985-2016 I worked as a lighting consultant with a certification as a “Lighting Specialist”, consulting on large and small projects in residential and landscape lighting. I also did showroom sales and design work for customers at their home and in the store.

During that time, I took workshops and taught pottery workshops at the Renee Foosaner Education Center. I continue to teach classes to adults, beginning to intermediate. I also volunteer for the education center for Family Day and teach “Date Night” and assist at Art Works.

I maintain a home studio with a wheel and work on my own projects there. My other interests are being a grandmother, gardening and photography.

Artist Statement

I find the medium of clay to be almost limitless to explore volume, shape and textures. Add to that alternative firing methods, use of under glazes and glazes, and the palette of possibilities expands. I am often drawn to nature for more organic shapes rather than minimalistic, abstract or geometric forms. I find inspiration also in the plasticity of the material and its hardening. It then becomes a material to sculpt.

I like to try to keep my prices affordable (some say under priced) to move my work out to their new homes. This leaves me with more space to create and explore new areas in my home studio. I am not a production potter; each piece is unique and not likely to be repeated. You could say I have a painterly approach to pottery. I enjoy using the surface as a canvas.

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