Guy Lefebvre

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Artist Bio

From West Springfield, Mass, to St. Cloud FL, I am a self-taught painter, wood carver and underwater photographer. Back in the 1970’s my first creative outlet was painting wildlife and landscapes. I began SCUBA diving in my early-teens and then in my twenties, realized I could capture oceanic beauty on film. I then developed a deep love of exploring the ocean and documenting its inhabitants-from hopping into a cage to film blue sharks, to diving to take pictures of everything I could.

Yet photographing marine life soon wasn’t enough. What a photograph captures-the raw beauty of the ocean-can be rendered even more expressively, on the canvas I returned to oil painting to express my passion of the marine life beneath our beautify seas.

Now, I dive with my camera to find subjects to paint. The ocean has a very calming effect on me. When I’m diving, I’m at peace with all the ocean inhabitants. In my Blue Water Art, I try to capture the presence of that particular animal, their sheer beauty and sole. In other paintings, I try to capture how the marine environment makes me feel. They are how I perceive my subject matter and how being underwater can be a magical world.

My Blue Water Art paintings are found in High End Boutiques, Fine Residential Homes and Art Exhibitions across the USA.

Artist Statement

Underwater creatures are beautiful and majestic, but their beauty is fleeting in our increasingly delicate ecosystem. I don’t pretend that my Blue Water Art can make a difference, but I do hope people who view my paintings will become more aware of their fragility.

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