Marion Speake

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Artist Bio

I was Born and Raised in Florida, I have been artistically inclined since childhood. I am the adventurous type, an avid dog lover, and I live a free spirited life style. Some of my hobbies outside of art include, wood working, Paddle Boarding, Surfing, Hiking, and being a full time Traveler. I am also currently in School perusing my Art / Studio Fine Art Degree.

Artist Statement

My art is the closest depiction to what is going on inside of my artistic mind that’s constantly overflowing. I create unique one of-a-kind Pieces, that are like no other. My expressions are shown in her bold use of color throughout my work. i enjoys creating masterpieces of the large scale to wow my mind and audience. Most of my art appeals to the senses with wonderful texture in all of my original pieces. My preferred subject are Animals and the human form. Although I do various other works, I always get drawn back to my wonderful creatures of the earth. I like to put a spin on the norm and bring out the passion with a beautiful expression of color. In my spare time, when not creating masterpieces, to go along with my thirst for wood working, I also owns an Island inspired Outdoor décor company. Where i specialize in custom made tiki signs of all sorts and rustic outdoor art pieces.

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