Nicky Ravine

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Artist Bio

I’m a Waterman. I grew up in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida surrounded with water. As kids during the summers, we would swim out to the reef offshore and snorkel all day. During the winters we would body surf and belly board. In between I went boating and fishing with my friends. I started Surfing at 13 and still surf today over 50 years later.

After college, I started an advertising agency serving local, national and international clients for over 30 years. I was also a founding member of an instrumental surf band playing for parties, special events and regularly at the world famous Mai-Kai Molokai Bar in Ft. Lauderdale.

Now I’m back to what started it all. I draw and paint about the things I grew up with. The experiences I’ve had. The things I love. My art echos the primative calling of the water that I’ve felt all my life and infuses it with images of the experiences I’ve had.

Artist Statement

We are inundated with images. Snapshots. Selfies. New. Old. Icons. Blogs. Likes. The list is endless. Professional, amateur, pro-sumer, consumer everywhere and everyplace in between.

What’s an artist to do?

While working on a series of photo realistic surrealism paintings, I wanted to work with the new tools and technologies offered by the information age. Combining imagination, the Internet and photography with the “brick and mortar” of pencil, paper, brush and canvas my new approach to painting was born.

Similar to the Sculptural Collage process of Found Art, images are found and gathered via the web from all over the world. I work with amateur and award winning photographers, building up source files of various subjects, thoughts and images. All of these images and the techniques of technology are combined, altered, added to, redrawn, recombined and cast aside until the final vision emerges.

My art is conceptual. I want to visually “talk story." I land upon themes and explore them deeper because they fascinate me. This is the body of my work. I hope one of my stories fascinates you.

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