Tiffany Allen

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Artist Bio

Tiffany draws realistic images of animals, birds, fish and nature using graphite and charcoal pencil. “I enjoy the control and precision of drawing with pencil. The monochrome palette highlights the patterns and textures in the subjects I draw.” She sketches the image on on heavy weight 100% cotton Bristol vellum. “The paper choice is the foundation of my art and is critical to the final image.” She then layers and blends graphite and charcoal until the desired depth, texture and tone are achieved. “Most of my drawings require as many as a dozen pencils of varying hardness and can take as long as 40 hours to complete. But each is absolutely a labor of love.”

Artist Statement

All of my art is inspired by the amazing place I call home. I use graphite and charcoal pencils to bring life to interesting and whimsical subjects. The pencil allows for precision and detail in my drawings and the monochromatic medium strips away distractions illuminating the raw personality of my subjects.

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