Ann Welly Revels

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Artist Bio

Ann Welly Revels has a background in preschool education having owned and directed the Coquina Ave. Children's Center in Titusville for 35 years.  The curriculum she developed was STEAM before STEAM was invented with an emphasis on science and art.  Teaching about the environment included exploring items found in  local environments.  It's only natural that her artwork is also grounded in the natural world, incorporating local fibers, seed pods, dried flowers, shells, feathers and the like.

Ann has won awards at various art shows and exhibits in Florida.  She was the Florida Representative of the Handweavers Guild of America as well as officer in local fiber arts guilds and Conference Coordinator for the Florida Tropical Weavers Guild.

Artist Statement

ANN WELLY REVELS is an award winning fiber artist from Titusville, Florida. She has long been fascinated by the tactile feel of fibers and has a keen eye for natural materials in the world around us. Her interest in environmental causes is reflected in her work. Loom woven wall hangings include branches and grasses as well as yarn. Ann’s handmade paper incorporates petals, leaves, and spices or is embossed by seed pods. Her current work is palm skin baskets made from the fiber that attaches the palm frond to the trunk on certain tropical palms. Where others see tree trimmings on the side of the road as a pile of yard trash, Ann sees potential works of art.

“Every piece of palm fiber is different depending on the species and the season.Each has a personality. I never know exactly what I will create until I begin to shape it. Once dried, the basket tells me what sort of embellishment, if any, or what plant or animal I should woodburn on the surface. It’s such a hands-on process that I really feel I am collaborating with the materials. My goal is to allow others to experience this gift from our tropical paradise.”