Katie Morrissey


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Artist Bio

Katie Morrissey was raised in South Dakota and moved to Cocoa Beach in 2016. Today, she has her home and 3,900 square foot tile studio in Cape Canaveral.

In between, Katie got a Masters degree in Molecular Pathology (University of California, San Diego) and worked in cancer research and the biotechnology industry in California. She was awarded four patents, and co-founded two biotech companies.

After biotech, Katie had several other careers, including reporter, commodities brokerage partner, editor, publisher, and app developer.

When Katie isn't in her tile studio, she is probably gardening.

Artist Statement

Am I an artist? What does that mean? I get tremendous joy from turning a pile of clay or boring ugly tile into something that makes me laugh. I love my work. It brings me peace. I think I have a reasonable feel for color and balance and emotion in my work. I work hard at my craft and develop the skills required to make my work be complete and accessible. I invent new methods that allow me to execute a vision that won't leave my head otherwise. My background gave me the skills to access some elaborate resources and develop some complex processes for my studio work.

Some of my work is purely creative and impractical; most is designed to be incorporated into kitchens, bathrooms, tiki bars, or other home or commercial settings. My standard practice is to mount completed mosaics on tile mesh, ready to install by a professional tile setter. I also stockpile my color 'winners', for future projects. My kiln runs every night, and brings me joy every day.

To me, tile are a way to break an image into human-sized pixels, elements large enough to hold in your hands. We get so used to seeing things assembled around us–the world is a blur of continuity. It is easy to forget that each element may be a piece of beauty by itself.

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