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Artist Bio

Pam has been creating jewelry for 25 years since taking classes at college. In addition to being beautiful, Pam wanted her pieces to have a voice, to speak to the wearer. In the beginning she added symbols like hearts and stars. Now there are more detailed, complex designs with gemstones, pearls and crystals. Her custom pieces are planned to tell a specific story or create a specific feeling.

I’ve been in love with jewelry since I was a child. I was always so aware of how it looked and sparkled on people.… but it’s the story behind the jewelry that has always pulled me in. My mother’s bracelets and rings, my grandmothers charm necklaces … the way I feel connected to them when I wear them now. I can remember the way they wore them and the way just wearing those pieces feels like a comfort blanket… like I am carrying my loved ones with me.

It’s magic.

So it makes sense that when I took my first silver smithing/jewelry design class at a college in California over 25 years ago I would fall in love with jewelry making! I use traditional silver smithing techniques to create one of a kind pieces made from sterling silver, 14Kt gold and 24Kt gold. I love hand picking semi precious stones and pearls to use in my designs.

I display my jewelry at art festivals around Florida, in my online store and in galleries and boutiques around the US.

Artist Statement

When I started creating jewelry it made sense to me that the jewelry should speak. In my early days I did this with stars and hearts and other symbols that I connected to (and still do). I would watch as people buying it also connected to the symbols I had carefully crafted and embedded in each piece. It gives me great joy to watch someone connect and bond to one of my pieces… it’s proof that jewelry has a voice and a story to tell.

And then as I evolved as an artist the simple symbols morphed into more detailed, complex designs with precious metals, gems, pearls and crystals… when I’m creating I can feel the pull and energy from the materials I’m using. And this might sound crazy but it no longer surprises me when customers who are looking for more peace, love, inspiration or magic in their lives choose pieces that I have specifically created to do just that.
And making custom jewelry…to create pieces for people that inspire them, or tell their specific story or give them hope or make them feel loved… humbles me in a way I can’t quite put into words.

I love creating jewelry. It’s what I dream about at night and wake up with a million ideas I know my poor hands can’t possible produce in this lifetime.
But I will try…

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