Tiffany Allen

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Artist Bio

I draw realistic images of animals, birds, fish and nature using graphite, colored and charcoal pencils.  I enjoy the precision of drawing with pencil. The monochrome palette of graphite and charcoal highlights the patterns and textures while the colored pencil adds vitality to my subjects. I use a variety of substrates including heavy weight Bristol vellum paper and wood.  Each substrate provides a unique texture and quality and greatly influences the finished piece.  Most of my drawings require dozens of pencils and can take as long as 40 hours to complete.  In contrast, my acrylic impasto abstract paintings are colorful, free flowing, and entirely spontaneous.  I use a heavy acrylic medium and multiple layers to create depth and texture.

Artist Statement

As a Floridian and avid gardener, my art is inspired by Florida’s unique and diverse flora and fauna.  Through my work, I hope to foster a deeper appreciation for the beauty and importance of native plants and animals and the vital role they play in our health and the sustainability of our planet.  As a member of the Florida Native Plant Society, a portion of my art sales supports their mission.