Tony Sasso

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Artist Bio

Over the years, Tony enjoyed creating art for his family and as a creative outlet. With no formal art education, Tony creates “outsider art” inspired by Robert Rauschenberg and others. He depicts the world around him, everything from monkeys to surfing, cars to people. After 40 years of creating art, he began showing it in 2015, and his work has been on view at various locations in Cocoa Beach, Key West and New York, including the CLIO Art Fair and Orchard Gallerie in NYC. In 2016 Tony was instrumental in creating the Studios of Cocoa Beach, a non-profit cooperative art gallery where he serves as executive director.

Artist Statement

“I produce art just because I love doing it. I love being in the company of other artists and learning about them and their processes. Art is one of the most important aspects of my life and, in my view, all our lives.”