Appalachian Ribbed Handled Basket

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Workshop Details

  • November 2nd
  • 10am - 4pm
  • $50 + $25 supplies
  • Mediums:

Workshop Description

This beginner level workshop will teach how to make an Appalachian Egg Basket using soft rounded materials, such as sea grass, paper cord, yarns and other soft materials as the weaving elements. The structure of this basket (or "ribs") will be made from Round Reed, and we will tabby weave (over and under) and pack spaces to fill in the form of the basket. Students are encouraged to bring in any materials from home that they'd like to weave into their basket. Nancy is both a fiber artist and art instructor. She started her self-taught basketry journey years ago with traditional techniques, materials and forms, then moved on to incorporating natural palm inflorescence and natural reeds in a new series. She holds a BS in Art Education and has taught a variety of adults and children in a myriad of settings. Believing that all experience becomes woven intricately into our lives, she combines a love of art, nature, basketry and teaching in her own life. Striving to give others the opportunity to make art and find either a new creative voice or re-claim a buried passion, she encourages others to experience art as a vehicle for fun, relaxation, personal expression, and self-care!

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