Mixed Media

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Workshop Details

  • January 18th
  • 10am-4pm
  • $65 + supplies
  • Mediums:

Workshop Description

Mixed Media is a work of art which uses more than one medium or material. This class will focus on making use of paint, paper, cloth, found objects and more to create a piece of art worthy of interest and conversation. Handouts will also be given to further the knowledge of this approach and the artists in history who brought this movement about. Karol Bobb is an artist, instructor and arts advocate who works in a variety of media that includes Metalsmithing, Pastels, Mixed Media Art and Acrylics. Her style of multi-layered expression is influenced by formal training as a graphic designer, and her work is divers in the medium she uses. Her subject matter often reflects her exposure with different cultures and experiences.

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