Mark Palmer

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Artist Bio

Mark Palmer of Rockledge. Mark, a Buffalo NY native, began his art career while living in Washington DC. After two decades he abandoned his cosmopolitan city life and moved to Paducah KY where he helped pioneer the resurgence of the blighted historic “Lowertown” neighborhood. He purchased a pre-civil war building and renovated it to house his art gallery, artist retreat and living spaces. Marks vibrant abstract works range from watercolors to mixed media incorporating acrylic, ink, collage, photo transfer, oil, aquarelle stick, and found objects. They often seem to balance structure and chaos. Jessica Dawson, Washington Post art critic says “Mark Palmer’s works on paper may be small - many just a few inches across - but they crackle with energy.” Mark has exhibited his work in solo and group exhibitions in cities across the country. His work hangs in private and corporate collections thoughout North America and in Australia and Europe.

Artist Statement

"My work often seeks to reconcile my childhood naivete with adulthood's contrasting realities. A combination of colors, symbolism and figures coalesce in expressing my visceral reaction to the world's throughout and around me." I incorporate at least 2 of these mediums in my work: acrylic, ink, collage, photo transfer, oil, aquarelle stick and found objects.

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